Lighthouse Partners

With the Guide-Rails Lighthouse Partner program, your biggest development and delivery priorities become our biggest priorities. We will get you one huge step closer to moving your software factory to the cloud. Guide-Rails will allow you to achieve true enablement of a scalable, reliable CI/CD and DevOps culture. As a Lighthouse Partner, you’ll also have the opportunity to influence the direction and future of Guide-Rails. Become an innovator. Become a Guide-Rails Lighthouse Partner.

How it works


Assessment of current state. Create execution plan.


On-site or remote engineering team installs & configures new system.


Onboard existing components and systems.


Refactor and modernize two applications. Migrate apps to Guide-Rails.


Train and empower engineers: templates, process, tools and tech support

What you get

  • CI/CD and DevOps orchestration and automation platform to accelerate software delivery
  • Modernization of two applications
  • Enablement of CI/CD and DevOps culture

  • Savings to cost and time while achieving quality improvements
  • Holistic view into system health
  • Professional services, including training and support

Seeing is believing
Let us demonstrate what’s possible with Guide-Rails for CI/CD and DevOps automation and orchestration.
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