Every company is a software enterprise. Enterprises are either significantly capitalizing on Digital transformation and realizing significant benefits in terms of revenue generation and profitability or are being displaced from their position within the industry. Digital transformation dictate that Enterprises need to execute a Bi-Modal IT environment. Most organizations are implementing new delivery practices like DevOps to achieve high-paced innovation in their systems of engagement and integration and utilizing existing processes for their systems of records.

Our consultants are industry veterans with deep business domain knowledge in the industries we serve. We are born in the Silicon valley and have gained our experiences at Internet giants that have transformed the technology landscape in the 21st century. We can help with the services below.

Software Delivery Transformation

For nearly two decades, Integnology has quietly worked with Fortune 500 companies to transform their development practices. Our clients include Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Verizon, and dozens of others. Our technology strategy and transformation specialists can help your organization develop the strategies and implement the processes that create business value and drive innovation.

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Digital Assurance

Customer experience has become very critical in the Digital economy. Quality of the Digital implementations is critical to success. Driving quality into the product rather than testing the same into the product is our mantra. Our experienced Quality Engineering team can help with the transition from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering.

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Delivery Leadership

We are driven to get the work done. We are very passionate about collaborative transformation that we can drive with you and build strategies to operationalize those for successful business outcome. The DNA in our fabric to do whatever it takes to deliver success. We’re not successful until you’re successful.

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